Frequently Asked Quesions

Currently the city law prohibits alcohol on The Big Yellow Bike, but we can certainly stop at bars along the route if you'd like to!
There is not a set route. The bike can go anywhere in the downtown and east village areas. There are several establishments in the area to stop for food, drinks, and fun. Our most popular stops can be found here.
We do not. Riders are able to bring their own food and drinks (no alcohol). There is plenty of storage space on The Big Yellow Bike.
All tours start at
300 Craft & Rooftop
300 W Martin Luther King Jr. Pkwy Suite 310
Des Moines, IA, 50309
Dress appropriately for the weather. Please do not wear open toed shoes. It is a bit of a workout, you can feel the burn if you want to, but most pedal a little lighter.
Up to 16 riders and 1 driver (17 total). There are 10 pedaling seats (5 on each side), two non-pedaling seats over the rear wheels (1 on each side), and a 3 person bench at the back of The Big Yellow Bike. One person can ride in the middle and or dj, and the (company provided) designated driver — so be sure to have no more than 16 riders in your group!
We will only cancel a ride if the weather is dangerous, but please dress for the weather. If for some reason the weather is dangerous and the ride does get cancelled you will be offered a rain check, however there are no rain checks once the ride begins.
Yes, a driver is always provided. Please allow 48 hours to schedule a driver. Our booking system will not allow you to book in less than 48 hours.
About 5'3". The back bench will be available for those who cannot use the bike seats.
About 300 pounds. The back bench will be available for those who cannot use the bike seats.
Riders must be at least 21 years old. All riders must provide a valid id.
The Big Yellow Bike driver is in charge. Whoever books the tour is responsible for their party and the driver will listen to the person that booked the tour.
Yes, there is an AM/FM radio, a CD player, and various AUX to accomodate most devices. So you can bring your own music to jam out to!
Yes, but they must be approved by the city. Please book at least 30 days prior to your tour for custom routes. Please book a time and then send an email about your route (or you can use the Contact page). Travel fees are $50 per hour. The bike is 2200 pounds and does not handle hills well. Please make sure routes are very flat.
Yes. Please contact us directly so we can block the date on the calendar. Fees TBD.
Yes, if no helmet is worn then the rider must sign a waiver.
Yes, theme parties are encouraged! Bike decorations are not provided, but may be taped (Scotch Tape) or tied to the bike. There are about 30 minutes between tours, so decorations must be removed immediately after your tour.